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Accounting Services

Imagine how much time and money you can stockpile for your business, if only – you had just the right weapons at your disposal, to knock-off the deadweight of your accounting torture?  Fast Refunds offers – 3 drop-dead, no sweat weapons to disarm the agony out of accounting, and free-up your time and resources.

It is critical to your business (if you want your business to survive,) to arm it with the ammunition it needs to run like a fine-oiled machine, at bargain basement prices; and be more valuable than your competitors, which gives you the go-ahead to compete and win, and to reap the rewards to maximize your business growth.

It’s time to do away with the old-fashioned plan of attack for executing your accounting artillery, and balance your time, ways and means – with the wave of the future; by replacing the old outdated ground work, with new wickedly smart and powerful gear, to annihilate  the drudgery of accounting.

Fast Refunds would like to introduce, easier than ever, even for non-tech wise individuals (or even non-accounting astute individuals) to profit from.  Seriously, these straightforward Apps are completely painless, and knock out the inconveniences of accounting.

FreshBooks.  Awards you the opportunity to Record:

  • Expenses

  • Time

  • Invoicing

  • Input and manage data from desktop PCs, tablet devices, and even smartphones

  • Online payments, to effectively coordinate your online and offline sales


Xero.  Is a jam-packed suite of Accounting Solutions.  This App conveniently:

  • Tracks Time

  • Expenses

  • Invoices Clients

  • Reconciles your Bank Statements

Xero is so robust that Forbes Magazine states it’s the #1 challenger for Quickbooks, and even goes as far as stating – “it actually makes Accounting Fun.”  Imagine That!

Kashoo.  Is a real hum-dinger when it comes to terminating all your accounting woes.  It very well may be the secret weapon that delivers the one-two-punch, to say adios to QuickBooks.  It is designed with simplicity in mind, and displays – only what you “need to see” at any given time.

Kashoo is cloud-based, just like the other Apps mentioned here; meaning that you can access your data from anywhere, as long as you have (internet connectivity.)  The Kashoo dashboard is remarkably intuitive and allows you to research other features, instantly – with one tap of a button, and keeps all your data entry neat and tidy, and also allows multiple users to access the same information, without interrupting the integrity of the data being entered.

Cloud-based accounting platforms have revolutionized the old time-stealing and money-robbing accounting practices, and transformed them into worry-free and high-value, easy to implement solutions.

However, to ultimately eradicate the headaches and mass confusion associated with Accounting, you will reap massive Rewards by asking Fast Refunds – who specialize in Accounting, to keep a keen eye and accurate attention to detail, with all your number crunching, and instantly experience “peace of mind” that it is done Right, Accurate and “on-time” and leave the bean counting behind.

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